Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Other Guys (2010) - Movie Marathon Short & Sweet Review: Film #17

On the Menu:

Ingredients: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes, Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Dwayne Johnson, Rob Riggle, Damon Wayans, Jr., Steve Coogan, Derek Jeter, Zak Orth, Rob Huebel and narrated by Ice-T. Directed by Adam McKay. Run time: 107 minutes (theatrical edition). Rated: PG-13. 

At First Bite: When the top dogs go down, the two most incompetent cops on the force must step up. No way McKay screws the pooch with a buddy cop flick.

Tough to Swallow: In the closing credits animation, there are three minor typographical errors (technically, 5 errors):
1) the second reference to T.A.R.P. doesn't have a period after the P (personally, I wouldn't use periods for TARP)
2) Goldman Sachs is hyphenated in its first reference (twice)
3) in that same graphic, "tax rate" appears as one word (twice)

I noticed about four continuity errors, but there's a longer list on IMDb -- too many to list here.

Something to Chew On: Tracy Morgan, Rosie Perez and Brooke Shields have cameos; they all appear at the basketball game seated beside Allen (Ferrell) and Terry (Wahlberg).

McKay appears as Dirty Mike. Dirty Mike's boys are portrayed by one of the producers, the cinematographer and the property master.

Anne Heche and Ice-T are both uncredited despite having pretty big roles.

Michael Chiklis turned down the role given to Jackson.

Lindsay Sloane, who plays Terry's ex, Francine, was Big Red in BRING IT ON.

At one point, Terry is wearing a Bayside Tigers shirt. Nice "Saved by the Bell" reference. He also has a COBRA poster in his apartment.

There's an outtake after the credits.

Aftertaste: Perhaps the funniest Will Ferrell movie in a while, and it actually has a storyline. Wahlberg definitely helps bring the crazy. The running gag with Keaton made me laugh out loud. It's tragic that it's been 14 years since MULTIPLICITY and the best comedic options he's had since have been doing voices for CARS and TOY STORY 3. As funny as he is in this movie, he is vastly underused.

The scene with Jackson and Johnson, about 15 minutes into the movie, is priceless.

The story is so-so, but I could care less because I was always laughing. 


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