Thursday, March 31, 2011

Charlie St. Cloud (2010) - Movie Marathon Drive-Thru Review: Film #18

On the Menu:

Ingredients: Zac Efron, Charlie Tahan, Amanda Crew, Donal Logue, Kim Basinger, Ray Liotta, Dave Franco and Augustus Prew. Directed by Burr Steers. Run time: 99 minutes. Rated: PG-13. 

At First Bite: It's FIELD OF DREAMS (Shoeless Joe included) and THE INVISIBLE, but with a love story.

Tough to Swallow: Pretty sure defibrillation, if done correctly, doesn't leave burns/scars.

Charlie takes the first familial reunion a little too well. There should have been some sort of freak out.
Basinger has about 1 minute and 5 seconds of actual screen time.

The credit for Animal Wrangler is misspelled as Animal Wranger.
Something to Chew On: The film is based on novel entitled "The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud" by Ben Sherwood.

Efron dropped out of the FOOTLOOSE remake and signed onto this film shortly after.

This is the third feature film directed by Steers. The others were IGBY GOES DOWN and 17 AGAIN (also starring Efron).

Aftertaste: Having never seen HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL or its sequels, my knowledge of Efron's acting ability comes from the aforementioned 17 AGAIN and this film. He definitely shows some range as Charlie and is easily the best thing the movie has going for it.

The love story is mediocre, and a little too much foreshadowing ruins the twist. Can't say I was a big fan of the younger brother either. The movie revolves around Charlie and Sam's brotherly bond, but Sam verges on mildly annoying most of the time. And, why did the mom just up and leave? Weird.

My favorite scene has to be the fight at the bar. Great "punch" line from Charlie.

I'll be interested to see what Efron does next.


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